Hi Peter,Today I watch a new TED’s video by Regina Hartley. She is a professional speaker with lots of experiences in the field of human resources ( HR). She shares with her audiences in TED conference what she thinks about the best hire might not have the perfect resume. It made me very surprised because all of my thought that I have had about the best candidates and a perfect resume are totally wrong.

So, that’s also the reason why I want to share this story to you.Might you ask me why I call her is professional speaker. Yeah, because of her awesome experiences in HR, the way she talks and the way people extremely concentrate on her presentation. It’s very interesting and I admire her.

She divides candidates between group A and group B. Group A is people who has good resume, great recommendations and all the right stuff. Group B who is state school or never finish at college and have some odd part time job like waitress and cashier. In addition to remember, both them are qualified.

Well, can you guess which group does she pick?. Yeah, She picks a person in group B she called “Scrapper” because she assumes “Scrapper” will be great employees and successful person later on instead of group A. She lets everybody a lot of focal points of “Scrapper” and explains why does she choose that make everybody have to seriously consider and I’m not exception.

Firstly, “Srcapper” is usually a person who used to be in hardships so they have strong belief in success. Almost difficult things in life like poverty or death of a parent while young, they already have got. Therefore, they don’t scare anymore.

Secondly, because of learning difficulty which provide them an advantage, they become good listeners and paid greater attention to detail. Besides they don’t think they are who they are is spite of adversity. They know they are who they are because of adversity. To her, that is a important key to be successful.

Eventually, “Scrapper” won’t be easy to drop out from jobs because they totally have enough ability to overcome their difficulty. Obviously, they have talent and it’s just hidden. When they come to in an interview, it’s mean they are finding people who bring out the best in them and invest in their success.

Yes, I can’t agree with her anymore about three reasons above. Especially is the way she observes candidates when their applications start rolling in at a fair jobs. Let’s look at Steven Jobs, he is a typical example. This guy’s parents give him up for adoption. Although he never finish college, he is a very famous person.

Well that’s all and I have a question for you now. If you were a HR, which group do you pick? Let me know your idea.

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