Nancy & Peter

Today is Wednesday. Today is a new day. Today is a Lazy Day for all of the members in our house to do personal things. Normally, we have a lazy day on Sunday. But now, Ms.Hang decided to choose Wednesday for Lazy Day.

On Lazy Day, we can do whatever we like you can spend time on reading books, listening to music, going out, etc. to relax. But you have to keep to schedule like every day.

Today is a great day. On this morning, I woke up at 3:30am. I looked at through crack in window, I saw that, the sky is still dark, the windy howls, the temperature is low. The weather has become colder. I felt very cold, I decided to put my blanket back over myself and sleep more. At 4:00am, I got out of my bed, I picked up my woolen hat, my scarf which was on the top of the cabinet to wear. They helped me keep my body warmer. I wore my flip-flop and walked outside the bedroom to the learning room while I got up, everyone was sleeping so I had to keep quiet doing everything lightly to avoid waking them up.

When I came over to my table, I switched on the table lamp, I pulled out my chair, sat on it and turned on my laptop. I opend audio file “I can do it” to listen to it while I was listening to it, I wrote down which words could hear, and then I read the transcript to check my mistakes.

At 5:00am, I started watching the movie “Friends” with English subtitle. Friends is an American series of sitcom. While I was watching, I pause and searched for new words that I didn’t know the meaning of the words. This way makes me learn vocabulary better.

About thirty minutes later, I felt a little cold and tired so I came back to my bed to sleep again while I was sleeping I had pretty dream. My dream was about my childhood with my brother. We had many wonderful memories. I remember that when we were little kids. In everyday afternoon, we often tent to the oxen on the fields. We flew the kite and played with other children. That was a great time in my life. After waking up I missed him very much but I never see the real him because he is living in the happiest of places with God’s forever in the sky. I just see him in my dream.

Until 6:00am, everyone woke up, we went outside in front of the yard to do exercises called “Huong Cong”. Huong Cong is a healthy exercise originally from Japan in which people practice using their arms and breath to balance Ying and Yang. This exercise includes fourteen actions and the important things in this exercise is that you always look ahead towards the sun to welcome sunshine, focus on your breath and don’t forget to put a smile on your face.

As you know, we were taught “Huong Cong” by Master Dan Tam three weeks ago. Dan Tam is a wise woman. Three weeks ago, Ms.Hang, who is headteacher in our house invited her to come to our house to teach us about Macrobiotic diet. Beside coaching us about the way to cook healthy good, she also directed the way to have a good healthy life style. Huong Cong being one of them, she is a person who has a Macrobiotic diet for eleven years and a Buddhist, has many experience in life style. Even though she is sixty eight years old, but she looks very young.

During that course, all of the members in our house tried to do our best in whatever she wanted us to do. But sometimes, we were yelled at when we had mistakes or she said to us that we didn’t have wisdom and that we should predict everything like how to cook better. That made us feel stress and disappointment. But I really know that everything she did , because she wanted us to be better. She is really kind and clever. Now, I always feel happy, lucky when I meet her I always feel grateful to her for everything.

And you know, Macrobiotic diet is originally from Japan, and was developed by professor Ohsawa. He is the founder and director of this diet. The Macrobiotic diet consists mainly of whole grain rice and certain kinds of vegetables. On this diet, you need to chew carefully before shallowing. And to have a good life, we have to follow correctly the universal rule. You have to chew rice for at least 120 times. You should meditate during every meal and shouldn’t make any noise.

After finishing Huong Cong we all spoke affirmations:

English is easy.

English is fun.

I speak English very well.

I felt full of energy to begin a new day. And then we had breakfast at 7:00am. At the moment, we are on the Macrobiotic diet and we ate diet. The food just includes the whole grain rice with sesame seeds. We ate them with thankfulness and have to be grateful to Mother Natural. After every meal we usually wash dishes by ourselves. We actually feel comfortable about that.

When I am on the diet, my body loses weight, but I am full of power.

At 8:00am, we sat around the table and practiced English pronunciation with Sam. Sam is a visitor from America who is an English teacher and has experiences in life. He has many favorites such as: listening to music, traveling, meditation and yoga. He has been here in five days. This morning, he coached us on pronunciation. His voice is really really nice and strong.  We all like his voice. Beside he is very clever, humorous and generous. I was very curious to know how to make pronounce a word in his lesson and I admired him very much.