Mrs. Huyen and her family

Mrs. Huyen and her family

From Ms. Huyen Trinh – Melbourn (Australia)


My feeling in this moment is a nostalgia!

The generous friends at Hama made me not wanting to leave at all although I have only been here less than 24 hours.

The so-fresh air and peace there helped me truly enjoy the present moment.

Never had I been walking in peace on a full moon night and so beautiful; I never was lying on the grass to unleash stargazing with the aroma of natural vegetation around me; I never really felt the freedom not a bit worried, absolutely peaceful dropping myself into the quiet nature together with Hang, a just met friend but we seemed to know each other for ages.


Often if walking at night in places full of plants I would be very worried about mosquitoes, insects, and snakes. Yet there seemed to be an invisible positive energy when I’m on the side of Hang. I did not even think about those things, just immersed myself in the full moon and talked to Hang about causality, life, nature and human. I appreciate how life had led me to meet people who helped me realise the value of life, to see what we are pursuing is very ephemeral, meaningless.


Each of the new friend at Hama has left me with a unique special impression, but there is a one common thing in them that I admire is that they know to forsake something in their lives. Nobody would easily give up their comfortable life to come here to learn English. I admire the young man who has a family, who was the main source of income for his family, yet he had arranged for his wife and children at home to be able to come here. I admire the smart young man who dared to turn his back on the door of the University, where most people think we all have to go through in order to have a chance to succeed. I admire other young people who had left their comfortable lives and good income careers in the cities to come here. And especially I admire the young leader lady here. Her love and compassion must be big enough to gather these young people from everywhere to come here as a big family, to be close to nature, to live a simple life but full of laughter and happiness. We smiled and talked softly; we ate vegetarians; we meditated; we went for a walk and watched the moon; we enjoyed the nature, sunset and sunrise; we breathed the so fresh air. I slept so well as if I was home!


Just 2 days ago on my way back from Hanoi unclear about what I want, what I’m looking for, in this moment I know I have found what I’m looking for, I know what I want! Thank you Life for leading my path!



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