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What’s up everybody.
Do you think teachers now have one of the most important jobs in this day and age?

For me, I totally agree with this point because I think not only they help their students obtain new knowledge at school but also they help their society to educate young generation to become leaders and good citizen in the future.

Therefore, I have thought teachers always have had a good environment to teach and practice their jobs. However, I have a new facet of teaching when I saw Bill Gates’ video on Ted talks, that is “feedback”. So I’m very happy to let you know something about it.

As you know, Bill Gates is the chairman of Microsoft and one of the most wealthiest man in the world. He also has lots of great speeches on TED conference such as “Bill Gates with energy issues: Innovation from zero” or “The next outbreak? We are not ready”.

In this TED’s video, he brings a new topic for his audiences that is “Teachers need real feedback”. He considers most of teachers have not ever received feedback that actually helps them improve their professionalism. If yes, it’s only “ Satisfactory” and it isn’t fair for them because they don’t know how they would improve in both practicing and teaching.

Even though they don’t know what they were doing is differently. If this problem keeps happening in a long time, this will become a big disappointment for students who gain knowledge from them.

So for that reasons, his foundation runs a survey of teaching at all developed countries across the globe about how his team can help all teachers get a tool for improvement. Eventually, he found out a useful method that is set up a camera in the back of the classroom. Might you ask why we need a camera instead of an adviser.

You know, he assumes this method is extremely effective because teachers can’t really dispute what they see in the video. These videos expose their mistakes and their limits. Through that teachers will realize lots of ways that they can grow as a profession.

When I watch this TED’s video at this point, there is a question popped in my mind that is it quite easy like this? Because of his description, we need only a small camera with a little tripod and spend money on wide-angle lens. At the beginning of a class, teachers are needed to put it at the back of the classroom.

Although it isn’t a perfect shot to catch everything from that angle to show what is going on, teachers still hear the sound and see a lot after they are done their section and going to watch the recorded video. So they can be able to learn from it.

But when I keep watching his speech, I completely change my inferior thought. All of my thought is tiny bit to compare with his awesome ideas. When it comes to building this complete teacher feedback, we need lots of money, a long run and society’s effort as well.

His organization estimates that it could cost up to five billion dollars to functionally equipped for all of teachers , all the videos then are collected and sent to a new social network called Measures of Effective Teaching.

Yeah, I have to say I do admire him when I clearly know about his project. Specifically, the way he puts teachers on a right track to make sure all of students approach a great better education. It will be the first step for a country’s development, I think. I really wish our country have a system as to what Bill Gate has been doing in developed countries as soon as possible.

Well, that’s all of the focal points I want to let you know in this TED’s video. I hope that I have given you interesting perspective of today’s education.

See you next time!

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