Social Internet media nowadays is a popularly-concerned field and some have to pay a lot of money for some advices on this.Now you can have them freely:

Ohanian started a news website named with his partners more than a decade ago. This is a place where you can put an interesting content on and the community will vote it up or down up to how they like it.
Once an environmental organization named Greenpeace was carrying out a poll to find a name for their campaign to stop Japanese government mission to hunt humpback whales. They had a lot of names, most of them were thoughtful, learned, cultured but there was one seemed to be different, Mister Splashy Pants.

This name rapidly became popular on the Internet and someone made a post on Reddit asking the community for voting it up.Redditors all agreed and they helped drive this meme to obtain 70% of votes at the end.Despite of this, Greenpeace didn’t accept this result but gave another week of voting because they wanted a more thoughtful name to win. However, the Internet community didn’t give up yet, they really got behind it and so did Ohian and all the founders of Reddit.

With those support, at the end of the extra voting week, Splashy won by a landslide once again, even more persuasively.This time, Greenpeace eventually got excited about Splashy and it was chosen.And the important thing was they finally fulfilled their mission: Japan dropped the humpback whale hunt.

There are some clear lessons here:-The Internet is a fair playing field, everyone has the same things on the Internet- The Internet is a fertile soil, it not only costs you nothing to put something online but also supplies you many useful tools to do it, try it and be honest about it.- You don’t have to be too serious to succeed, take yourself a little less seriously and you still can achieve your ultimate goals.

Why did he say that?As a founder of one of the most popular websites on the Internet, Ohanian knows exactly how this kind of social media works, its advantages, disadvantages and how to succeed online. We may use the Internet everyday but the things we know about it are not much.Ohian also acknowledged this fact so he wanted us, the ones are not experts in the Internet, to know more about it and can use it in a right and effective way.

My opinion:To me, the one not having many knowledge about technology in general and the Internet in particular, these Ohanian’s lessons have brought me a more thorough look at the Internet, some interesting things about the Internet community’s psychology and see how much the opportunity we can exploit from the Internet.

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