Nancy in Hama Village

Nancy in Hama Village

Last week, we wrap up all of our business and left our house ,our friends, our neighborhoods and try to start a new life in a new place.The new place is Dak Nong province where is far away 200km from our old place, Binh Duong.

In new place

We have a big house. It is in a top of mountain, covered around by many trees, grass and flowers. It is called “ Hama Village”.

The new house has many blue windows. When you are in anywhere inside house, you can see sky, mountain, trees through windows.

The wind blows all day.

In the morning

When you wake up and get out of bed. You can see cloud on the mountain peak in sunshine through windows. It is like a great natural picture. I feel lucky and excited when I am living here.

our first meal in Hama Village

our first meal in Hama Village

In the evening.

The wind begins to howl, the temperature is lower. The air is colder. We begin feeling cold which is like winter. I really enjoy it.

When we live in new place, everything is stranger for us. The first week of new place, we had to spend time on cleaning, clearing and decorating the house. All people in our house are divided into small groups to do different housework. Although there are many things to do,all we are tired but smiles are always in our face. We are willing to do those.

And the local market is far from our house, so we just go to market twice a week. It takes about 3 hours to go to market. Plus, the road is not easy for girl like me to move. So, we rarely go outside without man. There are many interesting things which are waiting for us discovering.

Sam from USA visit Hama Village

Sam from USA visit Hama Village

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