Lily’s Diary

 Monday, May 07, 2018

Today was a little better day.
I didn’t let my mind to think about the shit that I said yesterday. This thing doesn’t mean that everything happened to me today was wonderful.
I’m gonna talk about my bullshit, it was such an amazing thing today. I mean that sarcastically :3
What happened was that I broke a part of my canine teeth.
OMG! What an idiot thing!
It started from eating rice paper- my pet hobby. I’m used to eating this food every chance I can get; when I’m hungry, when I’m getting sick, even when I’m screwed up or I’m happy. This thing also tells that how much I love rice paper.
But the weird thing suddenly happened in this afternoon was that before I ate it, I’ve asked Vivian that how can I prevent myself from eating rice paper. And she also knows that it was just a question without an answer.
Say no more. I folded a piece of rice paper like folding cigar and then I put it in my mouth.
It was really thick and tough, so I bit into it and all of a sudden my teeth came out.
I stood in stunned silence in 30 seconds. And then I came to the mirror to check out what happened.
Ughhh, for God’s sake, nothing but the truth.
A part of my beauty was already gone.
Remember the question that I asked Vivian before that; finally, I got a straight answer for it by the teeth that were fast disappearing. I traded up.
Oh yeah, sometimes we have to go through a bad thing to realize a new thing, I know that now.
But how is that even the point?
The point is that from now and then, maybe that pet hobby will be gone forever

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