Monday, May 07, 2018.
In HaMa, an accident while eating rice paper

Today was a little better day.
I didn’t let my mind to think about the shit that I said yesterday. This thing doesn’t mean that everything happened to me today was wonderful.
I’m gonna talk about my bullshit, it was such an amazing thing today. I mean that sarcastically.
What happened was that I broke a part of my canine teeth L
OMG ! What an idiot thing!
It started from eating rice paper- my pet hobby. I’m used to eating this food every chance I can get; when I’m hungry, when I’m getting sick, even when I’m fucked up or I’m happy. This thing also tells that how much I love rice paper.
But the weird thing suddenly happened in this afternoon was that before I ate it, I’ve asked Vivian that how can I prevent myself from eating rice paper. And she also knows that it was just a question without an answer.
Say no more. I folded a piece of rice paper like folding cigar and then I put it in my mouth.
It was really thick and tough, so I bit into it and all of a sudden my teeth came out L
I stood in stunned silence in 30 seconds. And then I came to the mirror to check out what happened.
Ughhh, for fuck’s sake, nothing but the truth.
A part of my beauty was already gone.
Remember the question that I asked Vivian before that; finally I got a straight answer for it by the teeth that was fast disappearing. I traded up  L
Oh yeah, sometimes we have to go through a bad thing to realize new thing, I know that now :3
But how is that even the point ?
The point is that from now and then, maybe that pet hobby will be gone forever


Thursday, May 10, 2018.
In the bathroom, what an adorable puppies!

Dear Diary,
So sorry I didn’t spend much time to write last night. It was such a busy day. No! It isn’t right. It kind of tells that I’m the girl who is a lot. Forget it. I’m over it now.
Let’s talk about today.
I see the life much happier when I was getting closer with my puppies. They’re Kun, Ken and Kin.
I didn’t bathe them for about a month. A little fun happened when I did that job was that I got bad smell in my body when I had done that.
Here it comes.
I didn’t know that Kin’s ears are so sensitive to water so I let water come into his ears. Suddenly, he shook his head to resist. And of course, all of the water droplets and the dirt in his ears slashed onto my face. I’d become psyched.
But I wasn’t constantly angry with him, not at all.
Wowww, I actually kind of know that I’m such a wise person when I completely didn’t react to what he was doing.
I am truly overjoyed about being that wise girl J J
Today is nothing that big deal anyway J J J
I just wanna get to write something. Haaaaa  J

See ya,



Saturday, May 12, 2018.
In HaMa, felt so humiliated.

Dear Diary,

Nothing earthshaking today. I completely spent all day like the other days. I started learning English earlier before 20 minutes as my routine. At 7am, I was starving so I came to my locker room to take rice paper J ( I promised myself that I’ll quit eating it but I couldn’t do it )
While I was eating it, I looked at Peter and for one moment, I had regret for what I was doing. Because, I’m a leader of my team, but I broke the rule which means I can not eating anything while learning English.
Peter gave me a long stare and he kind of didn’t like this unacceptable behavior.
But to be honest, I don’t know for sure why he really got upset about me or; maybe it was just what I thought L
Dear Lord, who fuckin’ knows ?
I’m over it anyway J

Another thing was the most humiliating thing happened to me today L
After having a nap, as usual, I took a shower. I dressed a white trousers which I never got dress it ever in this village.
I walked from the bathroom and took a seat to get ready learning English.
Somebody looked at me and then they smiled. I didn’t even know what they’re trying communicate to me L
Until Vicky walked across me and she looked back at me, then she said:
“Oh God, where did you find that trousers. You should get it for Dean, he might really like it. I don’t think it really suits you. Don’t look ridiculous in that shit”  :’(
At that time, I looked back on what happened; then I linked those events which happened after I took that one in my body all together. Finally I can totally realize that bullshit.
What a fuckin’ jerk ! I hate all of those guys.
5 minutes after, I took it off.
I thought someone should pay for laughing at my thing L
Or maybe for that point, I’m taking it too seriously.
OMG! Look at little Lily, when will she be able to grow up ?

Little girl,




Sunday, May 13, 2018.
In HaMa, going mad.

Dear Diary,

Honestly, I have to say that life’s sucks!
All of the bullshit is happening to me. The fucked-up thing is that I don’t even know I have to pay for something too hard. I’ll tell you about it more detailed one day. I promise. But not now.
What happened today was that some guy scared me to death. Fuck him.
My heart missed a beat when that happened, even when I’m writing it down. Sucks.
After all that shit, I never totally realized that “fuck” is a really great word.
I don’t know what I’m going to do to protect myself for a week from now. He is a weird one, I know that too late L
Or maybe I’m not heading in the right direction on making contact with some guy.
I can’t decide if he is a self-serving or a lunatic. He’s almost out of his mind. OMG!
I don’t fucking care that guy much. I just really scared that something will happen to me which is out of my control.
I supposed should care less, ‘cause Anna knows all things happened and she’s always trying to watch out for me until now. But, she is also a girl, and how we supposed to know what happens next?
It makes my mind go crazy L

Best friend,



Thursday, May 17, 2018
In HaMa’s bedrooms, my peaceful moments.

Dear Diary,

I felt calm and peace with everyone in my surroundings today, not all this day; just for a few moments.
As I say two little kids as my sibling a couple days ago. They’re Dean and Anna. We had a little fun whenever we talk together lately.
And it came again today J
Dean always kind of likes Anna’s bed since he took a peaceful nap on her bed one day. And I also like it too J .
We always kind of fight it out to get that bed to have a good nap. And this thing happened again today.
Here it is.

When I came to the bed, he had already lied down on it; and he was kind of closing his eyes L
I lied down on his side to give an opinion that we should share the bed with other. He acted dumb by keeping his eyes close and kind of pretending to be asleep. At that time, Anna came to us and blinked at me that she already knew how to solve this shit. I meant she was gonna help me to get this little boy out J
She lay down on his side and gave me the signal that I should lie down on the other side of his. I got her point J
So this guy got the chance of a lifetime to lie down between two beautiful girls. He was in a warm embrace by my right arm and Anna’s left arm. I thought how close three of us were at that moment. That was one of the most peaceful moments of my life, I think J
Then I felt certain that I was missing my brother and my sister so much for one moment L
and all of a sudden, Dean sprang out of the bed J Fuck me
Anna and I already know he’d get outta this bed J))) Yeahhhh! Two girls won
And the truth is woman always win.
Anna and I kind of pride ourselves on that abilities J

I hope that there is so much other fun shit that’s gonna be happening to us ‘til we leave this village J
That’s it for today.



Friday, May 18, 2018;
In Gia Nghia’s hospital, memories came back.


In this morning, we had a special gruel for breakfast. People kind of know it like a symbol of peace, guess what? It was pigeon. This was the first time I ate this soup, so I got a little hard to swallow it. But that’s not a big deal.
The problem was that Vicky was allergic to proteins in the pigeon, but she didn’t know that. Her body was too sensitive to the food so she had to go to hospital for treatment J

At that time; part of me wanted to go with her, because I really worried about how the doctors taking care of her, I totally don’t trust them much. But another part of me knew I shouldn’t go there. I was afraid that the hospital would bring back lots of memories when I studied in Hanoi capital L Then I decided to go there with her.
And another part of me was absolutely right L

The second I stepped into the emergency room, I smelt something very familiar (because I spent four times in emergency room)
At that moment, I felt quite dizzy. I don’t even know where it started. That feeling was out of my control. I tried to get my emotions under my control, to get that feeling away.
A doctor gave Vicky an injection; I thought she would be fine sooner or later. While she was waiting for the drugs work; I stepped out of the room to let myself getting some fresh air. Settled in. I just sat there, letting my mind worked by itself …



Saturday, May 19, 2018

Dear Diary,
One of the most wonderful things when I live in HaMa village until now is watching a spectacular sunset. If you want to have a clear view of the sunset, you have to go in the distance from our village. But we’re not always allowed to go there because of our safety reasons.
It was getting cool in this evening. After finished our lesson, I asked Anna to take a walk, watching the sunset with me, and she was willing to do. We walked with a slow light step to admire the scenery. We settled ourselves comfortably on two big stones. I sat opposite Anna and we started having gossip.
I almost lost the track of time, then Anna reminded me to come back home. It was getting darker. We were crossing the yard, and heard the noises coming from inside our house. I realized that we were late for dinner. It was already 6:15 pm.
We walked pass the kitchen, every member have already sat around the table, they were eating. I walked across on them to get a trace. Suddenly…
“ Do you know what time it is now? Where did you two go ? “
I totally recognized that was Mary’s voice. She was mad at us for being late.
“ Don’t do this again. No any part of food for the next time “ She shouted angrily.
At that time, all I had to do was just standing there and looking at her. Anna came to her and gave her a hug very sudden, maybe Anna already knew how to let Mary’s emotions away. And Anna completely had done with that. I stood for a few seconds, admiring Anna’s treat. Anna is completely a mature girl.




Monday, May 21, 2018.
In Enjoy coffee shop, a joyful moment.


Dear Diary,

I thought there would be a lot of fun stuff happened yesterday, so I had a right to write a story that would be memorable, because yesterday was Dean’s birthday. He is a kind of little boy who is got a great sense of humor, and I strongly believe that he never lost that trait, especially in his birthday.  But I couldn’t find a minute to write about that thing at last night, because there were so many fun shits going on.
Now I’m racking my brains, trying to remember exactly what fun shit were.

Dean didn’t want everyone to know yesterday was his birthday, he’d like to have a sit-down meal with people who get close to him rather than have a big party with everyone. So we decided to go out, looking around for a coffee shop where we can chat up together. And Enjoy coffee shop was our choice.
We had eight people; we kind of tried to work through the entire menu. So we each had our own drink and everyone exchanged drink together that was sort of buffet drink. I couldn’t know for sure how happy others were, but I was very happy at that moment. It has been a long time since we didn’t kind of get close like this. Then we bustled around the table for taking snaps together for this special day, we wanted to keep that moment in our mind.
Sometimes, the super little things are very meaningful in my life J .
What we’re doing is what the whole Universe brings us…