Today is Thursday. I woke up at 4.50 AM,  I went out of my bed to come ove my table  where  I sat to learning English and it is my habit. The temperature was low,it was strong windy so I felt very cold.

Today is a Lazy day that is a day, everyone on our house could do whateever we like such as:playing football, reading books, learning English, listening to music,etc

Then at 5 AM,I turned on the radio, it was an audio book. The name of the audio book is “ I can do it”which is wirtten and read  by Louise L Hay. She is an American author. She is as well known by many famous books such as “ The power in your mind….Her voice is really nice, I very love her voice. And every morning, I am always responsible for turning on that audio because I wake up earlest in our house. And this is way for us to listen to English every morning.

At 6 AM, when Everyone in our house woke up and gathered in front of our yard, we did a healthy exercise, called “ Huong Cong” which was taught by Master Dan   Tam. You know, Master Dan Tam comes from Hai Phong province of Nothern in Viet Nam who was invited to come our house by Ms Hang two weeks ago. She is a vegetarian and has eaten Macrobiotic diet for eleven years. She came here to teach us about cooking, eating Macrobiotic diet, and the way how to have a healthy life style. And to day, Olive was exercise leader, he is one of youger members in our house who comes from Quang Ngai province of Central  Viet Nam

After that, we went inside of our house to prepare for our breakfast which had the whole grain rice, seasame seeds and porridge

Ms Hang is our headteacher who teaches everything to the all of members in our house and  always advices members to chew carefully with each bite. And then, I started watching the film Friends which is a series American sitcom. This is a film which I use it to improve English listening skills and intonation.

After lunch, the members in our house went to best and slept at 1.00 PM  and then they woke up 3.00PM. A pieces of sweet potatos are dried under the sun and we brought there inside the house. They are used to make gift for Hang’s friends.

At 4.00 PM , the members in our house and Sam had a football match.  Sam is a vistor from America who is really really funny and inteligent. He is English teacher who love traveling and listening to music.




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