In Hama Village, besides learning English, I have a chance to learn different skills, especially cooking. In this video, you can see part of making tofu. Here is the tofu recipe that I want to share with you:
– 2 kg soybeans
– 20 liter of water
– 2 liter of “sour water” or 200 ml of vinegar + water(1:1)
2. Equipment:
– Soy milk machine
– 3 basin
– 2 water scoops
– 1 big pot
– 1 basket
– 1 cutting board
– 1 water bucket (5kg)
– 1 cheesecloth
– Soak the soybeans with water for 8-10 hours. Rinse the soybeans, put them into a basin and then pour water on it.
– Switch the soy milk machine on. Scoop mixture of soybeans and water in the machine.
– After you grind the soybeans, you will get the white part like cream. As my experience, I will pour more water on it to get more tofu.
– Bring to a boil. After the soy milk has been boiled, turn the heat down to simmer, add “sour water” and stir it in very very gently at the same time, too. You can see lumps of tofu separating from the liquid, just right there the liquid went clear. If the liquid is not clear, add more “sour water” to help it separates properly. Turn the heat off and take the pot out.
– Scoop the mixture into the basket (like in the video) and let it drain. When you have all the curbs in the basket with cheesecloth, wrap the cheesecloth around it, put the cutting board on the top and use the water bucket to hold it down and let that sit for 1 hour. You’ll have a tofu. (“sour water” is a liquid under the basket that you keep for 3-4days to make it sour like vinegar).
– After your tofu has been pressed for 1 hour, take it out, put it in a container with water and keep it in the refrigerator.