Today is December 28th 2016

I woke up early, at 6am

It was a sunny day

The sun was beautiful but the wind was strong

I felt cold, I put on my hat, socks and coats to take care of myself

Me and my classmates went outside, we had a morning meditation exercises in front yard

After exercising, we had a breakfast

We ate whole grain rice with some sesame

I mixed rice and sesame together in a bowl, then I packed it down with a spoon. And then I ate

I ate carefully and chewed slowly

I chewed each mouthful of food one hundred fifty times or more

1 hour later, Me, Victoria and Oliver brought some sweet potato out to the front of the yard to fry

Beside, some people were fixing our house

Then, I sat a chair in front of the yard to read my book


Until 11am, I had lunch

I ate whole grain rice and sesame again

Everyone in our house practising Macrobiotic diet

A couple of days ago, we learned that diet from Master Dan Tam’s teacher

She taught us the way to cook a healthy food and live a good life

And she had recommended us “You need to eat only whole grain rice with sesame for 7 days”

I promised her to follow the diet

So today is seventh day, I’m still practising it


At 1pm, I took a nap

Afterward, I woke up at 3pm, I studied English

I practised pronunciation and wrote in my diary

When I woke up, I couldn’t find some people in my family, only Henry was here

I asked him “ Where did they go”

He replied “ I don’t know”

I think they walked around our house

A couple of minutes later, Peter and Sam came back to our house

Some people didn’t came back

So Sam took his motorbike to go find them

But he couldn’t find them

Then they came back and brought some wood to build a gold in the football match

After they finishing, I played football with them

There were 9 people play together and we make 2 teams

We kicked the ball, headbutt it

My team was lost

But I still felt happy.  We had a great time


We had supper, at 5pm

The family sat around the table and talks about what we did all day

I saw sunset outside through the window

The sunset was amazing

Everyone made a compliment “ It’s awesome”


At 7pm, I took a shower, I continue wrote diary

Sam hepls me edit some mistake in my diary

I’m grateful to him

I and my classmates did exercised “ Phat Thu”, at 9pm

I went to bed 10pm.


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