Dean's Diary


Dean’s Dairy.
Monday, May 14, 2018.

After I did a hard day. Now it’s 8 o’clock and I’m sitting in my seat to write dairy. This is the first
time I’m writing dairy.
Today was a boring day. Nothing special for me. After a few days, I didn’t play football because
the ball damaged and we couldn’t use it. This afternoon I played football again because I
bought a new ball. It cost 320.000 đồng, so each person was gonna pay 50.000 đồng for it
because at the Hama village we have 7 members playing football. Then I was so lazy so I
carried my sports shoe, When I was playing football, My toe hurt but that was
unstoppable I played my best effort so I had the wonderful match.
Although My team loses, I had the great match, I felt well after playing football, it was good
for me. Anyway, I’m still gonna play football. So now I gotta read a book before going to bed.

Dean’s Dairy.
Tuesday, May 15, 2018.

I’m sitting on my seat to write dairy again. This time I’m gonna write down some sad stories
Today is the last day that Mr. Hai stayed here. He left at 12 p.m, I felt nothing about it
because people leave and people come are normal. That makes me be sad is because I’ve
lost my orange towel which my Mom bought it for me. I fucking treasure what someone buys
something for me so I’m so sad about it. Maybe Mr. Hai took it away because he and I used
a place to put clothes together.
Just another four days Dave’s gonna leave HamaVillage. I, Jerry and Dave planned that we
are gonna go to Gia Nghia Town tomorrow because Tomorrow is a lazy day so I just asked
Micheal but he didn’t allow us to do it. We’re quite sad about it because we just want to have
memory with Dave before he leaves HamaVillage.


Dean’s Dairy.
Thursday, May 17, 2018.

Today I’m gonna write dairy about both yesterday and today dairy because yesterday was a
the lazy day that I didn’t want to hold my pencil to write something and that day I was so tired so
I needed to get some rest.
Today nothing special for me except it was the big rain this afternoon, it was the heavy rain
maybe by it was a storm. I closed all the windows and the doors as soon as possible before
the floor could wet. We even turned off the electricity. Because I’m living on the top of the
hill, thunder was very dangerous.
I was a hero in the match in the afternoon yesterday. I believe that (haha). I said that because
then before the match finished, the score was 3-3 and if one of 2 teams got next score, that
team would win and I did for my team with supporter is Peter. When I scored the last point. I was
so happy. I also want to mention Peter again, he scored three points and called
‘’hactrick’’. We had the wonderful match, it was really strain and fun!


Dean’s Dairy.
Friday, May 18, 2018.

Today we ate pigeon gruel this morning. It was really delicious. We were happy about it
except Vicky, she looked sick. Her body suddenly gets itched. Her skin white turned to red.
Her lips started to swell. She even felt difficult to breathe. Everyone worried about her. At
that time, I tried to ask her about give me her laptop and mp3. I helped her, I chose a coffin
for her, I thought that she was gonna die. But after that she called a grab to go to the
hospital, she went with Micheal, Anna, and Lily without me. The doctor said that she was an allergy
to pigeon. When she came back, she looked pretty good. I was so sad about that, I’m just
kidding. I’m happy about that because I’m a good asshole.

Dean’s Dairy.
Saturday, May 19, 2018.

Finally, I paid 500.000 đồng for Dave that I borrowed him.o I drove mortobike to go to Gia
Nghia Town withdraws money from an ATM machine. I was with Micheal, he wanted to go to
Gia Nghia town and After that he got a bus to Buon Ma Thuot City. He wanted to go there
because he had to get his car. Before he got a bus, we had a drink at Enjoy Coffee shop. I
went to a place called Enjoy Coffee but I picked sapodilla juice: v. I couldn’t believe what
happened after that, I overslept after Micheal left. Then I just wanted to sit there more for
few minutes. I was late about learning english this afternoon because I’m a good student.

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