1. Nova: Her name is Nga, she comes from Dalat city which is located in a highland region to the south of Vietnam. She graduated from Economics and Law University in 2014. After graduation, she got a job as an information technology auditor in Ernst and Young Vietnam company. After a few years of working she was stressed out so she decided to leave the job and then study 6 months English course at Leadertalks.com. She has a tremendous passion for learning even though she makes various pronunciation mistakes. But she never gives up, other students admire her so much. Besides, she is a very such fine cook and in charge a cooking team at Hama village. Whenever she is in the kitchen she would cook the most delicious food and make sure everyone’s stomach is full and happy.
  2. Vicky: Her name is Lien, she is a Daknong girl. Her dream is to become an English teacher for children. She really loves kids and wants to help them learn English in an effective way so she chooses to study English at Leadertalks.com in order to pursue her dream. Her responsibility is that she is a leader of running team in Hama Village. She managed everything so well and as well everyone follows her instruction to complete their work with their best effort that keeps the house clean and tidy every day. She chooses to study 6 months English course. She is a devoted and loving girl. She has an incredible voice and she is a really good singer.
  3. Mary: Her name is Ngan, she is a very typical Hue girl. She has learned English in Hama village for 1 year and a half, and now she becomes an assistant to support Miss Hang and Mr. Loc in coaching English at Leadertalks.com. She has a desire to become an English teacher. She is a girl who always perseveres in everything she does. She loves yoga, meditation, and acupuncture and then applies what she has learned to help her and others. She is really passionate about cooking and wants to have her own restaurant in the nearly future. She is a confident and lovely girl.
  4. Dean: His Vietnamese name is Tri, meaning intelligence. He comes from the city called Phan Thiet, a young and dynamic city with a high growth rate, which also happens to be a famous tourist attraction in Vietnam. After graduating from high school in 2017, he decided to go to Hama village to learn English by planning a two-year, instead of going to college like the rest of his friends. The idea behind this was to gain different experiences way of life. This decision also tells who he is, a determined boy. One of his many qualities is his sense of humor, but his joke doesn’t always work effectively. He is a mischievous boy who wants to assert his independent individuality from the rest of his peers. But, every now and then his actions seem like that of a wise, thoughtful man.He is also a father of two cats, Tiger and Puma at Hama village, who he loves dearly and cares for like his own children.  He plays with them at every given chance. He lets them rub up against him or lean on him, so sweet to watch.He loves to play football and he says that football has great meaning in his life. He is looking forward to make his own journey by motorbike around Asia.To add to one of the many talents he possesses, he is brilliant at making Doremon cake – extremely yummy….
  5. Dave, in Vietnamese it means Ha, meaning river. He is 23 years old. His hometown is Gia Lai province- Central Highlands of Vietnam. He takes a year off from his university to study English at Hama village. His keen interest in this subject makes him one of the most out-going people who communicate with foreigners at the very first meet. He is a nice and gentle guy. He never lost his enthusiasm for helping others whenever being asked, Although he does agree on helping others way often than he can keep up his word, “OK”- his favorite word. Because of his forgetfulness, he is always nagged by others, but he never responds with anger at this. Also as a romantic guy, he loves plants and flowers very much. He spends a lot of time gardening, especially when it comes to taking care of roses. Perhaps that is why his soul is really dreamy.  He sometimes comes up with crazy ideas that also turn out to be really cute.
  6. Lily-her English name is pretty similar to her Vietnamese name which is Ly. She is very intelligent and considerate towards everyone. Another thing makes her special is her optimism. She sees things with bright eyes and heart. With her everything just as it is. She is sophomore at Hanoi University of medicine and pharmacy. She decided to take a gap year in Hama to release stress and enhance her English. Her duty and also love in Hama is taking care of dogs and cats. She loves them from her gut feeling. Her favorite dog is Kun- a very cute and little naughty dog. Lily really enjoys the time walking with her dogs. They are one of her joy and happiness in Hama. With regards to her study, she is diligent, patient and willing to share which help her learning quickly improved. Now she is confident to speak with every foreigner coming to Hama.
  7. Her name is Anna. She is 19 years old, quite young and pretty. She comes from Kien Giang province, which is in the south-west of Vietnam. There is gentleness in the way she moves and talks. She takes care of other students with her heart, especially her sisters in Hama. This young lady has a lot of talents. She is a good cook. Her specialty is vegetarian curry. Everyone loves it. She is an excellent singer with a high voice. She is really into Opera and her favorite song is Eva. How about Vietnamese songs? Her performance with the song name “Hoa Trinh Nu’’ is wonderful. If you get a chance to hear it, you will absolutely love it. She also sings this song while working or going for a walk to cheer her up.
  8. This is Vivian. She is gentle and kind. Where she comes from is Tay Ninh province that is holly land of Cao Dai religion. She is outgoing to share everything. Sometimes you will find her quite talkative. She is doing as an assistant in Hama Village. She used to be a 1-year- Hama’s student. After 1 year of hardworking and being grit, she finally fulfilled her goal which was 6.5 band score in IELTS. She is dedicated and devoted to support new students in learning English and adapting to new life in Hama. At the same time, she is proving her English day in day out, especially in terms of writing and speaking. She understands learning is an effort in a long run which is counted by years not days or months.
  9. Rebekah- Her name is Xuyen who comes from Vinh Long province. Unlike her soft outlook, she has a strong personality. When she talks, you can feel her powerful inner energy. She loves English. Her ambition is to become an English teacher. She comes to Hama to learn not only just about language but also how to coach students. With her quick ability of learning, she now can help new students with pronunciation. She has an open- mind to learn so she is doing very well with her learning. Sometimes she is chatty and the other time she is quite moody. You never get bored when you are with her. She is quite talented. She can play beautiful songs with guitar, ukulele. Doing gardening is also her interest. Every day, after studying she spends time on taking care of roses and vegetables.
  10. Hope- this hope is Hoa. She used to be a 10-grade pupil in Daknong province. She is taking a gap year to learning English in Hama Village. She wishes she would be a global volunteer, so she now tries her best to start learning English from the beginning. She is the youngest student in here. She is like our smallest sister in Hama family. Hope is sociable and friendly. Hope finds playing ukulele interesting. She is very good at, it. Also her hobbies are photography, traveling and planting flowers. The most enjoyable she likes to do is strolling around Hama with our dogs. The sunrise in the morning is a perfect time to do it. You can’t imagine how beautiful views in Hama are.
  11. Klaus- His name is Canh who is a big brother in Hama. He is now 50-plus. He comes to Hama with a goal getting IELTS 5.0. He wants to move to Australia with his family to get a higher live standard and quality education. He really loves his wife and his daughter. When he gets a chance to use phones, he absolutely calls his family. They will welcome two other babies in July. He is counting days until this special. Klouds is an easy-going, honest person. Also, he is responsible for every task he undertakes.He is a team leader of g. He takes care all of roses and vegetables. After he came, the roses is applied everything in needed. It grows quickly and blooms beautifully.
  12. Hi – His name is Hai who is a really funny guy. He likes to make jokes to cheer every one up. He is in his thirties. Hi left HaNoi to come to Hama studying English for 6 months. He wants to be fluent at English to be able to access up-to-date knowledge in the world. He is knowledgeable. He has a great understanding and information about medicine and treatment, especially traditional medicine. Everybody in Hama is surprised about how strong he is. He can do a job by his own which requires 2 people. He is a vegetarian who only eats veggie and says no with meat. He loves to eat naturally, no MSG, no sugar just original vegetable.  He likes simple and quiet. He is keen on cooking as well.
  13. Koi-This young guy is Tuan who comes from Quang Tri province- the same hometown with Ms.Hang. He is 22 years old. He just finished 2 years in army and then decided to come to Hama to learn English intensively in 6 months. He loves doing a lot of things such as making furniture, doing gardening and playing guitar. Koi just likes doing something he has interest in. No need to be told, he made a wooden chair for cooking team, and a slippers shelf for everybody which is now next to the front door. He frankly speaks what he thinks is right. You also can find him as a considerable person.  He cares everybody in his way.  Sometimes he is quite naughty, but how could you expect him to be different? He is very young.
  14. Forest- Her name is Hieu. She will turn to 30 next year. She looks so younger than her age. She sees English as a friend, and she wants to spend more time to get to know her friend. She finds cooking enjoyable. Incredibly, she knows variety recipes. She also likes reading books, listening to music.  Taking care of roses is a great way for her to release. Sometimes she is in the mood for a stroll. She and some of Hama students like to talk and sharing. Day by day they become closer. About learning English, she has a very clear and strong voice which is very great for pronouncing.  She is eager for learning so she asks a lot of questions for clarification. All of that push her quickly in her way of learning.
  15. This wonderful lady’s name is Esther. She is in her 30s. She comes from Ca Mau province which is the end of Vietnam. She is really honest. Some people may think she is fastidious because she often talks loudly and has younger student in Hama complete their job. Behind the stickiness is a warm heart and care from a big sister. Esther loves to travel abroad. That is the reason why she joins English course for 6 months in Hama. With her best effort, Esther is improving her English every day. No matter how many obstacles, she will definitely overcome it. Her job in Hama is maintaining clothes clean with the scent of sunshine. Esther completes her job very well and she is always willing to give a hand to others.
  16. His name is Finn- an optimistic guy. He always smiles and thinks in a positive way even when he gets scolded for his mistake. He comes from Daklak province. He is 26 years old now. After 2 years working as a real estate broker, he decided to take a 6 moths-gap. He joined our Intensive English program with goals that he would improve his English and experience again student’s life. He is quite athletic. His hobbies are playing football and doing exercise. Every morning after doing HoHoHaHa, Finn and Hi run around Hama Village 3 times to warm up and do push-ups. Finn is doing his best to enhance his English. He is active in studying. He is willing to learn new things with an open-mind as well.
    Hama Village FC
    Hama Village FC
  17. James: His name is Dang, he comes from the South of Vietnam. He graduated from Can Tho University in 2015. And he did not know what he should do. Then he decided to take an English program. Unlike any other English courses out there, this course is specifically designed to educate students both English and how to live happily. It requires students needed to stay with us to learn all the time. About James, he is really dedicated to everything he does and he loves what he is doing right now is to study English and help other students as well. He is a pretty good cook and a great football player. And he wants to become an English teacher as soon as he finishes the course. He wants to teach English poor children from where he comes from, Bac Lieu, who can not get a proper education. He believes that education is the key to everything in life. Teaching English also will give those children a better life. And he is working on so hard to make that dream become reality.
  18. Nancy: Her name is Anh. She comes from Nghe An- a central part of Vietnam. She was an accountant in a Korea company where it lacks an environment to practice English. After 1 years working there, she could not speak English fluently. Then she decided to study 1-year English course at Leadertalks.com. She wants to become a fluent English speaker and she wants to change her career as well. She would love to become an English teacher. She studies really hard. She keeps learning English every day.She cooks well, her food makes anyone in the house mouth-watering.
  19. Henry: His name is Tri. He is 26-year-old. He is a married guy, he also has a 3 years-boy. Just a few months ago before he started questioning himself that he wanted to change his current job, he had just realized that he needs to learn English. He is really into managing restaurants and stuff like that.He also wants to become a professional restaurant manager. So he sets a goal to achieve an international degree, then what he needs to do is to learn English hard to make his dream come true. He also is a big brother in the house, he seems like he is the one we can rely on him.
  20. Luna: Her name is Thuong, she is 23-year-old girl. She comes from Binh Dinh province. Her dream is to become an educator. Before she comes to Hama village, she was frustrated about her current job. So she figures out that learning English would be a better choice and it could be a great turning point in her lives. She chooses us and she takes a 6-month course, she also studies really hard. She is also a great cook, she can cook everything she wants.
  21. Victoria: Her name is Hoa, she is a just 18-year-old girl. She comes from Quang Tri province- a central part of Vietnam. She just graduated from high school in July, 2016. Instead of going to university, she wants to join in Leadertalks community, she takes a 2-year course. She is always a good student in the class. Her dream is to study overseas.
  22. Sean: His name is Dai, he is 18 year-old boy. He comes from Hai Phong- the north of Vietnam. Just like Victoria, he decided to study English instead of studying at university. He wants to become an international tour guide in the future. So which means he has to learn English in order to fit the job he wants. Before he comes to Hama village, his English is pretty good and now his English is getting better every day due to our excellent program. He is really funny guy.
  23. Daniel: His name is Dong, he is 20 years old. He comes from Gia Lai- central of Vietnam. He took a gap year at university to learn English, he wants to study abroad. A country he really wants to go is the United States. He is kind, friendly, honest and loveable guy. He chooses to study English with us for 1 year. And he is working on that.
  24. Oliver: His name is Vinh, he is 18 years old. He comes from Quang Ngai- a central part of Vietnam. Just like Victoria, Sean, he wants to speak English fluently. So he chooses to study English for 1 year with us. He is considerate and generous boy. He does things really quick and he studies really hard.
  25. Luis: His name is Long, he is 20 years old. He comes from Hai Phong, the same hometown with Sean. He is Sean’s cousin. Before he came here, he was a trained police, but then he quitted it because he had a problem with his health. After that, he wants to study something, so he chooses to study English with us. He wants to study overseas. He has a sense of hummor, and he always cares for other people. He is a good boy.
  26. Jerry: His name is Loi, he is the youngest student here, a 14-year-old boy. He is Hang’s youngest brother- founder of this village. In 2016, he took a gap year when he is in secondary school. He follows Hang’s advice to come and live with his sister in Dak Nong to study English. He learns thing really fast now he can be able communicate with foreigners quite well after just 6 months. He is a confident speaker.
  27. Emma: Her name is Phuong, 21 years-old girl, she comes from Tien Giang province- the south of Vietnam. She studies 2-months course. She just wants to pronounce English words correctly and smoothly. After the course, she will study in America next year, 2017.
  28. Hellen, Her names is Huong, 18 years-old girl, she comes from Quang Tri province- the central part of Vietnam, She studies a pronunciation course at Leardertalks.com. She is kind and she is also a good cook. She loves doing gardening.
  29. Dao Xuan Loc: His name is Loc, 23 years-old, he comes from Quang Tri province. He is a headteacher at Leardertalks and Hamavillage.com. His passion is to help Vietnamese student learning English in an effective way but in a short time. He speaks English fluently within 2 years. He also loves cooking especially Western cuisine and Vietnamese cuisine.
  30. Michael: His name is Vinh, 26 years-old, he comes from Quang Tri province. He is a sale manager at a fish sauce company. He is a pretty good English speaker. He is Hang’s younger brother.
  31. Dao Thi Hang: 32 years old. the founder of Hama village, Leadertalks English center. And also she is directer of BamBoo Boat company.

Written by: Dao Xuan Loc  & Võ Thúy Vi, Châu Thị Kim Ngân.